Tripwire Solutions offers a range of training courses across Oracle’s BI and data warehousing technologies, concepts and modeling techniques. The sequence of the training is setup in such manner that each training will build further on knowledge gained in previous modules. This allows you to create your own training path according to your specific needs.

We, as TripWire Solutions, felt that a right mix of data modeling techniques, technology and concepts specific to data warehousing & BI were missing on the market. That’s why we would like to add our training portfolio to the market adding something to the existing technology training offer.
Our trainings are a mix of theory, tools and hands on experience, we have been experiencing in our projects.
Hereby an overview of our training offer :

our training offer :

TrainingObjective TrainingTarget ProfilePrerequisitsDuration
Architecture & ConceptsCreating a thourough understanding on DWH Concepts and Architecture, understanding each function of a layer in a Data Warehouse, Architecture.

Also Concepts like Data Vault are adressed

Functional & Technical Architects, ETL DevelopersBackground in IT1
DWH BasicsAn introduction training creating a basic knowledge of Data Warehouse concept, lexicon, high level architectureArchitects, ETL Developers, BI, Devlopers, Functional BI AnalistNone2
DatamodellingCreating a thourough understading of data modelling used in a data warehouse context; Star Schema’s, Data VaultArchitects, ETL Developers, BI Developers, Functional BI, AnalistsBackground in IT, have followed the DWH Basics and Architecture & Concepts Course1
ODI 12CA Technical training with objectives to learn how to develop in ODI 12CETL DevelopersBackground in Oracle Database & Oracle PL SQL Development3
OBI AdminA Technical training with objective to learn how to develop in OBI EEBI DevelopersBackground in reporting Development with a strong IT Background2
OBI ReportingA Technical training with objective to learn how to create reports in OBI EEFunctional Analysts, Business, BI DevelopersNone2
OLAPA Technical training with objective to learn how to create cubes using AWM and how to design multidimensional cubesBI Developers, ETL DevelopersStrong background in IT, knowledge of DWH concepts and Data Modeling2

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