Oracle technology conference 2012

TripWire Solutions is sponsoring the Oracle Technology Conference 2012! We hope to meet you on March 7th, 2012

Mark your calendars for March 7th, 2012!

Your organizations face a constant challenge to optimize their IT infrastructure in order to reduce costs, increase performance and also innovate. Oracle’s ambition is to help you to achieve your IT objectives by being innovative. The result: a single infrastructure that you can use to process any kind of work against any kind of data, all at once, at any scale, without compromise.

The Oracle Technology Conference 2012 is the most essential technology event of the year.
Join us to discover:

how the power of innovation can change your IT from a supporting function to a force that drives business innovation

how to find the cloud strategy that’s right for your enterprise

what Big Data can do for your organization: new essaysbuy approaches for your ever-growing volumes of structured and unstructured data

how Oracle Exalytics In-Memory Machine takes your analytics initiative to the next level

the latest database technology.

Special guest speaker on the Oracle Technology Conference 2012 is Jef Staes, Jef is a leading authority on Learning and Innovative Organizations. With 30 years of experience in dealing with learning and innovation, he currently assists organizations in their quest to find a comprehensive answer and approach to the changing dynamics of today’s market.

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to meet with Oracle experts and peers to discuss how you can transform your datacenter and power your cloud with hardware and software, engineered to work together.

Register Now for this free event. Join us at the Oracle Technology Conference on March 7th and discover the power of innovation.

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September 13th, 2011

Oracle is one of the main designers of the future world of business. We offer you the unique opportunity to get a clear view on Oracle’s Roadmap for 2012.

You are kindly invited to experience the Oracle future at the Oracle OpenXperience Seminar on 21 October 2011.
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