One step at a time is good walking

An Agile project methodology is a well known practice in the market. Tripwire Solutions has a proven multi-speed approach combining a data driven and a business approach.

The data driven approach is used for building the single source of the fact rapidly.

This fast development can be assured due to our automation tool available for Oracle (ODI 12c, OWB).

In the data driven approach we assume to work with Data Vault 2.0 methodology and the Data Warehouse Automation (DWA) tool by our partner Vaultspeed. This allows us to generate the ETL code source per source in a fast manner. Data Vault 2.0 does by definition not contain business logic and consequently can be developed without interference from business or end-users. The benefits are threefold :

  • Shorter implementation cycles, up to 60 % gain compared with a classic approach
  • More efficient development time spent on projects (less idle time waiting on validation of business)
  • Less Development days (-40% in time!)

Our business driven approach is based on a close interaction with end-users delivering according to functional needs. Since already half of the normal development work has been realised (the first layer of your Data Warehouse, the Data Vault layer), we have shorter iterations and can iterate according to the pace business is requesting.